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This is the first post on our blog and we think it would be wonderful to talk something about blogs!

A blog which is now popular among all other internet marketing tools has paved a new way to share and get information online. Today a lot of blogging platforms are available for free of cost. WordPress is one of them and it is more popular because it has tons of features.

What is special on a blog? What makes it stand better? A person who visits a blog can find useful information for free of cost. He can browse the information based on categories too. He can read it and share it with his friends using sharing tools. If he wants to share his opinion about the article, he can leave a comment! Wow, where else can you get a wonderful place like this?

We know that blogs are becoming more popular than normal websites because of its features. Search engines love websites that provide useful information. Search engines visit blogs frequently for updated contents. When someone leaves a comment on a blog post, search engines treat it as an updated content and crawls the blog again.

Our question is whether a blog is a good internet marketing tool or not. Absolutely YES! One of the top reasons is that search engines love blogs. If we have great content on our blog, we can build an email list. Just provide an opt-in form for users to sign up to the newsletter and you are ready to start the marketing. You can build backlinks from your own blog and also from guest blogging.

As blogs get huge traffic, we can use them for marketing your business, services, products and affiliate products. Most affiliate marketers use blogs to market their affiliate products. As we do, some businesses use blogs to promote their website or business in search engines.

Some bloggers build better communication through comments. This is really helpful to make your readers stay on your site. Building an email list is helpful to bring back readers to your blog showing them your new content. Links on your blog can bring direct traffic and can improve the ranking too.

Setting up a blog is really easy today. Write fresh and useful content. Attract readers and use it for internet marketing. It’s really interesting!


Mak is the founder of MakTal who loves to blog in his spare time. Helping others to set goals and reach them is one of his favorite activities.

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